FIC PA2013 problems?

FIC PA2013 problems?

Post by bgee » Wed, 31 Mar 1999 04:00:00

 >I just upgraded to a PA013 (rev 1.2) w/ 64 MB mem, SB16 PnP, SMC enet
 >(tulip), and Matrox G200 Milleniem card.  All of the stuff worked great on my
 >old system except for the Matrox G200 (which I dont know about).  My problem
 >is I have no sound (sndconfig won't work, pnpdump does).  What is even worse
 >is when I boot up for the first time the network works great, booting for a
 >second of more time gives me : network unreachable ret -1 (when I ping my own
 >ip or any other). ping localhost works fine.  what is worse than that is
 >everything is working in win98. sugestions?  help! paul

You mention "pnpdump [works]" - have you edited the isapnp.conf file
to select the appropriate values, then added code to rc.local (or
wherever) to execute isapnp during startup before loading the sound

Is your SMC an ISA card or PCI?  If ISA, make sure isapnp.conf
specifies unique resources for each card.

My "tulip" PCI card, a Netgear fa310, works fine; however my work
machine has a 3C905 PCI that gets so screwed up by Micro$lop Windoze
that it reports a MAC address of ff.ff.....  A quick power cycle fixes

Naturally, booting Linux first works fine & Linux DOES NOT*up
the MAC address.

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1. Any experience with DPT PM2044UW SCSI Card: Was K6-2 on FIC PA2013

My computer: AMD K6-2 300Mhz on FIC PA2013 MB
DPT PM2044UW SCSI card, Quantum Viking 4.3G UW drive
Sony 24X CDROM drive.

I had posted quite a few times before inquiring about installation
problem with AMD K6-2 and PA2013 M/B.
After a ton of experimentation with changing memory and MB I could not
get rid of the problem. I turned my attention to the SCSI card.

The signal 7 problem during installation goes away only when I do one of
two things:
   a. disable ext. cache during install.
   b. reduce scsi transfer speed in DPT bios settings from 20Mhz to

I fear the system still has some hidden problem with stability. I am
currently running kernel compile tests.

Any ideas on what to look for? Are there any new drivers which may solve
the problem?


BTW, the CDROM is narrow device connected using an adapter on the
internal wide cable. The hard drive is the last device is properly
terminated. So is the card (which has not ext. device yet).

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