help:farenheit pro64 pci work for Xfree86 ??

help:farenheit pro64 pci work for Xfree86 ??

Post by g.. » Sun, 05 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I need any info on getting this card to work.
It has S3-964 chipset and a bt485 ramdak.
xf86config  is no help.  if anyone has a
working Xconfig with this video card,
I would really appreciate a copy for evaluation.


post reply in this group.  Someone else may need the help.



1. farenheit pro64 pci Xconfig

has anyone got this card working under linux/Xfree86.
Just got one and all i know is it S3-964 chipset with
a bt486 ramdac.  I cant get squat when trying to configure with
xf86config.  please tell me if card is not supported
or if you know anyone who has it working....  pleeeeasee
have them give me an email with any info.

but the first is my home i prefer to recieve mail at.


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