Recommendation for TV card (analog and digital TV would be best)

Recommendation for TV card (analog and digital TV would be best)

Post by Mark Damme » Tue, 25 Apr 2006 19:27:15

I am looking for a TV card (PCI or USB) that can be easily installed and
configured and is able to support both analog and digital TV. I had a look on
the web already and I am confused with all this information on chipsets and so
on. Can anybody recommend a card that works well with linux (Debian or Ubuntu)?
thanks Mark

1. Linux with analog+digital TV-card

I have a analog Hauppauge WinTV PCI and a digital Hauppauge DVBs
installed in my PC. Can anybody tell me more about issues in installing
both cards simultaniously in one PC ?

When I "make insmod" on the digital driver I can see 1 digital channel
with kwintv, but of course I can't switch the channels. When I try
gVideo I can also see the channel but when I move the mouse cursor into
the window of gVideo the program terminates with a segmentation fault.

Is there a conflict between the analog and digital drivers ?
If so I would like to disable the analog card.

Rainer Lehrig

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