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Does linux support the PN-16 Ethernet card?  
We get SIOC* error messages on bootup.  Does anyone
else use this card?  Does anyone know what driver to

Thank you.

1. 'Pro Audio Spectrum 16': Can't get 16 bit?

Anyone know why I can't get 16 bit from my 'Pro Audio Spectrum 16'
sound card? 8 bit works fine but not 16 bit. The Sound Howto says:

But linux supposedly supports 'Pro Audio Spectrum 16' and I included
support for it, as opposed to soundblaster in the kernel when I
compiled the kernel. I might have also enabled sound blaster
'compatibility'....would that affect this? Anyone know what's going
on?  Is there a way to check that 'Pro Audio Spectrum 16' is actually
there in the kernel?



 Abbreviate - af 2 millenia, a btr wy t rd n wri.

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