Linux install of IBM Valuepoint - HELP!!

Linux install of IBM Valuepoint - HELP!!

Post by Terry Srade » Sun, 14 May 2000 04:00:00

I have 5 IBM Valuepoint 486 pcs that i'm wanting to install linux on.
problem is that i have no cdrom drives for these machines.  can anyone help
me to do "floppy"
install so i can ftp linux from 6.2 server?

also, i read somewhere that on install to the valuepoint pc, must tell linux
the type of hd or something like that??

any help is appreciated.



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I'm desperately trying to install Linux on a ValuePoint. The bootdisk can't see
my hd. I don't know wheather I am entering the right information: mount (?)
When checking the partition, Linux finds my hd "busy". If you can help me,

if succesful. If I can't install Linux I think I will cut my veins. Aaaaaghhhhh!
Thnaks for your time.

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