keyboard lock-ups

keyboard lock-ups

Post by Vlad » Sun, 17 Jun 2001 19:08:20


I am having these mysterious lock-ups of my cordless logitech keyboard. It
does this mostly when working with console. It suddenly locks up for about
1-3 mins (no keys work), then it may let go or not. Pulling out the PS/2
cable and plugging it back in again helps, but only for a while - and after
this the keyboard repeat rate sinks to about half its value. Pressing those
CONNECT buttons on both the receiver and the keyboard doesn't help at all.
Oh and it never does this under win98. Maybe I have to lower the key repeat
rate? If so which file do I edit?

Please help?

Thanks in advance,


keyboard lock-ups

Post by Sleg » Sun, 01 Jul 2001 08:28:17

I'm having the same problems, i think

The keyboard seems to "hang" for a while, and when it lets go, all the
keys are sticky, so i get 5 or 6 characters inseatd of 1. I haven't
noticed this problem in any MS O/S so far...

I'm lost in my own mind