pcmcia eth. card on toshiba 700CT

pcmcia eth. card on toshiba 700CT

Post by dun.. » Fri, 24 May 2002 22:53:28

I have bought pcmcia ethernet card. My Toshiba 700CT notebook 133MHz pentium does not to work with it.
Would it help to recompile my kernel to 2.4.18? I know that toshiba uses non standatd PCMCIA serveices system TOPIC95.

1. Toshiba Tecra 700CT can't identify PCMCIA card (3C589C)

I have a Toshiba Tecra 700CT running Mandrake 6.1, with PCMCIA v3.1.  PCMCIA
starts okay, but when I insert a card (or during boot-up if the card is
inserted), I hear a low beep followed by a high beep.  I'm assuming that the
low beep means that the card can't be identified, as /var/log/messages shows
it as "Anonymous Memory".  The card, a 3Com 3C589C, is identified correctly
by the 3Com diagnostic utility in DOS.

I understand that changing the BIOS setting from Card Bus to 16-bit mode is
supposed to fix this, but I don't see any way of changing this from within
the BIOS (version 5.5).  I've tried to update to the current BIOS (v5.6),
but when I try this, I get an error that says it's not the right version of
Flash ROM.

Is there another way to change the BIOS setting, or is there a way I can
update the BIOS so that it provides this option?



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