advice needed--on-board video card

advice needed--on-board video card

Post by XWooki » Sat, 31 Mar 2001 02:55:52

For the life of me, I cannot find the exact page at that lists
all video cards compatible with X.

I have even given it to individuals at other news groups in order to solve a
compatibility problem, but I cannot find that page at at
all.  It's not a paradigm or organization, but I should be able to find it.
Could someone help me out, as I am losing my mind.


1. Advice needed---on-board video card

I have an on-board video card and I am not sure what kind it is.  In W98 I
go into Device Manager and it says my video card is an "ATI 3D Rage Pro
(atir3)."  Also, on my board, I see a chip that says basically the same
thing.  But this latter thing could be my chipset instead of my video card,

If W98 says I have an ATI..., should I believe it and expect my card to not
give RH a hard time?  I know there are programs that will tell you what kind
of BIOS you have; is there something similar for on-board video cards?  What
should I do?

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