'Pro Audio Spectrum 16': Can't get 16 bit?

'Pro Audio Spectrum 16': Can't get 16 bit?

Post by oak » Sun, 14 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Anyone know why I can't get 16 bit from my 'Pro Audio Spectrum 16'
sound card? 8 bit works fine but not 16 bit. The Sound Howto says:

Quote:>6.26.  My 16-bit SoundBlaster "compatible" sound card only works in
>8-bit mode under Linux.

>16-bit sound cards described as SoundBlaster compatible are really
>only compatible with the 8-bit SoundBlaster Pro. They typically have a
>16-bit mode which is not compatible with the SoundBlaster 16 and not
>compatible with the Linux sound driver.

>You may be able to get the card to work in 16-bit mode by using the
>MAD16 or MSS/WSS driver.

But linux supposedly supports 'Pro Audio Spectrum 16' and I included
support for it, as opposed to soundblaster in the kernel when I
compiled the kernel. I might have also enabled sound blaster
'compatibility'....would that affect this? Anyone know what's going
on?  Is there a way to check that 'Pro Audio Spectrum 16' is actually
there in the kernel?



 Abbreviate - af 2 millenia, a btr wy t rd n wri.


1. Pro Audio Spectrum 16 SCSI can't read drive?

I have a problem with my Pro Audio Spectrum 16 SCSI controller.
I cannot get it to work with my 650 MB hard drive
(it's a Maxxtor XT-8760S) and Linux 1.0.9.  I don't want to move to 1.1.45
quite yet, as it hangs my IN2000.

Linux is recognizing it at IRQ 10 fine.  It coexists nicely with my
IN2000 at interrupt 15.

The drive is being recognized fine.  However, when it tries to check the
partition on the drive (there are two), it just hangs.  And if I want long
enough, I start getting "command aborted" and "SCSI command probably completed
before abort" messages (sorry, I don't have the exact text handy).  At that
point it's Front Panel Reset time.  Fortunately it doesn't damage data
on the drive.

The drive works fine when I connect it to my IN2000 or Adaptec 1542CF
via an internal cable.

Options printed out the message file (some of these are relevant to the
NCR5380 chip):

scsi0: at 0x0388 irq 10 options CAN_QUEUE=32  CMD_PER_LUN=2 release=1 generic
options AUTOPROBE_IRQ AUTOSENSE PSEUDO DMA generic release=4

Other possibly pertinent data:

ISA-486 motherboard with 16MB and 486/33 (this is before DX2,DX4,etc...)
MIO400KF cheapie Ser/par/IDE/floppy board
Orchid Pro designer IIs video board

Can somewhere out there help me?  Thanks.

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