VIA MVP3 Native support?

VIA MVP3 Native support?

Post by Erno Tuomaine » Mon, 20 Jul 1998 04:00:00

 Now, I bet this question has been asked before but...

 Is there going to be native support for VIA MVP3 PC-chipset in Linux kernel.
Mainboards equipped with these chipsets are becoming more and more popular due
to it's capability to achieve 100MHz FSB with Socket7 processors.

 I got mine last wednesday and the Linux seems to be working fine (2.1.103 and
now 2.1.109).

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1. VIA MVP3 UDMA Support in 2.0.36

I know my standard Redhat 2.0.36 kernel doesn't have the UDMA support for
anything other than the Intel Triton chips... where do I go to get the patch
for a 2.0.36 kernel?

Board is one of those Super 7 boards running VIA chips and a K6/2-300.

I looked at the site, but the patches listed all seem
to be for the 2.2 series or 2.0.37 and require them.  Also, no documentation
seems to be on that site...leading to my second question.

The patch procedure?  isn't it something like...
cp patch to /usr/src/linux
patch -p0 < (patchname)
grep for rejected...

Haven't patched a kernel since 1.2.13 some years ago...

Got two Maxtor UDMA disk drives that are slow without DMA support.  Have
memories of older Seagate drive in older system running PIO4/DMA on and
being very fast.

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