Multi-Port Serial Boards

Multi-Port Serial Boards

Post by Ken Rast » Mon, 15 May 1995 04:00:00

I was wondering if someone could recommend the best multi-serial port board to
run under Linux.  I have looked into Digiboards and have found that there is a
third party driver for them, but wondered if there was something out there
that works better with Linux.

I am looking at something that will support 30 incomming dial in lines and
handle 28.8k transfer rates.  (preferably with its own processor so as to take
some of the load off of the server)

As well, kind of tied in with this.  I have noticed that in the Linux Network
Administrators Guide, Slip and PPP are limited to 8 incoming lines.  If this
is truely the case, can someone recommend another addition to Linux which
overcomes this restriction?

Thank you.


1. Multi-Port Serial boards

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I read the Serial-FAQ... but I am unclear on one point, is it possible to
run multiple serial ports (like 8 or 16) using one of the "supported" cards
listed in the FAQ without running into IRQ problems under linux?
Thanks for any Info
-- NR
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