Q: XFREE 3.3.1 and ATI Xpert@Play? How does it work?

Q: XFREE 3.3.1 and ATI Xpert@Play? How does it work?

Post by Christian Sche » Sat, 20 Dec 1997 04:00:00


not get it work properly under XFree 3.3.1. We tried the tips given "here".
(chip id and revision into the xf86config file) but things are still far from
beeing OK. The X server (Mach64) acts at startup as if it could handle the
board - even up to 1600X1200. BUT things do look really bad even at 800X600
which is somewhat working but not really.
Now what do we have to do...?

I'd appreciate any tip!



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