Can't boot 2.0.X on SOYO 5ED5/M (AGP MB)

Can't boot 2.0.X on SOYO 5ED5/M (AGP MB)

Post by Olof Zachrisso » Mon, 05 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I receantly, by mistake, bought an ETEQ based motherboard, together with
a i166MMX
and 64MB of SDRAM. The board seems to run fine under Windows-95, unless
I install
any of the provided drivers for ACPI/EIDE-33/AGP.

BUT, I haven't been able to boot Debian 1.3 on this machine. The kernel
2.0.27 loads
and Linux starts (it says 470 bogomips :-) but when it comes to "MD
driver.." it hangs.
I have been able to start Linux using an old 1.2 kernel disk though, but
then I have some
other problems.

Maybe a kernel without the "MD driver" thing, whatever that is, would
solve the problem? (No, I can't recompile any kernel myself on this

Any help appreciated.



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