printing accounting

printing accounting

Post by Rich McClella » Thu, 22 Jan 1998 04:00:00


Can someone clue me in about the proper entry in /etc/printcap to do
accounting?  From what I understand accounting is specified in the
filter associated with "if", but otherwise I'm in the dark.  man pac and
man printcap have been fruitless.


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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of California, Santa Cruz


1. print accounting and the pac program

        We are looking for a way to do print accounting for
a network of SUN workstations and a set of shared printers.
The operating system is SUN-OS 4.1 and most of the printers
are HP laser jets running postscript and interfaced to the
network using Jet Direct cards.
        All print jobs are routed through one computer that
acts as the print server. We have managed to get the print
accounting option initialized in the printcap file but the
information being written is incomplete and incorrect.

There are two specific problems:

(1) The HP printers use an input filter:
/usr/lib/hpnp/  that includes some rudimentary
accounting, but the information that it prints is not
compatible with the UNIX pac program, which summarizes
the print accounting information. Does anyone have a
modified input filter? Alternatively, does anyone know
the format that the pac program expects for the print
accounting logs?

(2) Our HP printers operate mainly in postscript mode. As
a result, one has to use the page counter in the printer
to determine the number of pages printed. Does anyone
know the codes used to get this information from an
HP Laserjet 4M?

        The requested information is fairly specific. I
would be happy if someone merely indicated where I might
go to find the information that I need. The man pages
have no information on these topics. I have also talked
with the Jet Direct people at HP but they were of little help.

Thanks, Mark Brandon, Yale University

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