All Caps Problem with Natural Keyboards

All Caps Problem with Natural Keyboards

Post by Chris McGe » Sun, 01 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone else had problems with natural keyboards switching so that
everything you type is caps regardless of where the caps lock is set? I
have a Microsoft(I know, yuck!) Natural Keyboard on one computer running
Linux and a Cirque Wave Keyboard on another computer running Linux and
they seem to get the same problem from time to time and they are even
different distributions (Red Hat and Debian).
Everything you type will be caps and all numbers in the upper row will
always output the symbol above the number whether or not I hold down the
shift key.

My only thought is that possibly the windows keys are getting accidently
pressed while I am typing and in conjunction it might be causing some
problems but I am just guessing. Also, another symptom that I thought
was interesting is that when I use XEmacs and this problem begins to
start, I cannot click on any of the buttons to save the current document
without it giving some strange error. Any help would be greatly
appreciated. I actually have to remotely login to my machine when this
happens to shut down the computer because Linux won't accept HALT or
SHUTDOWN in the place of halt or shutdown.

Any help with this problem wout be greatly appreciated. Thanks in
advance for reading my long error report.

Chris McGee


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