??Turtle Beach Montego A3D Xstream??

??Turtle Beach Montego A3D Xstream??

Post by Christopher Howar » Thu, 01 Nov 2001 20:53:07

Any one out there with this card?  How do you get it to work with Linux?

I also have a Tyan S1590S Trinity 100AT mother board.  In Windows 98 I
needed to install it's DMA drivers to get the card to play more than a half
second of sound.


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Has anyone gotten this sound card to work under linux?  Even if it was
limited or restricted use.  I can't get mine to work at all.
Unfortunately, not even OSS looks like they will be having support for
it any time soon.  Supposedly, they are trying.  But if anyone has
even gotten this card to make any noise at all, I'd sure like to know
how you did it.  My system is a Dell XPS 450 if that helps.


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