Request feedback on a PPro-200 system configuration

Request feedback on a PPro-200 system configuration

Post by Bich C Tchiu » Mon, 30 Sep 1996 04:00:00


I'm reasonably experienced with Linux up to kernel 1.2x, and I've
installed it on quite a few 486's.

I'm shopping for a PentiumPro-200 for a friend who wants Linux as
well as Windows.

I know there are many potentials for Linux-related hardware conflicts
and gotcha's if you don't have the right components, so I'd like
your feedback on the following configuration:

1. PPro-200 Venus 4400FX chipset, with 32MB RAM.
   (this motherboard OK?)

2. Diamond Stealth 64 2MB DRAM PCI.
   I have alot of experience with this card under XFree86, so I don't
   expect any problems.

3. 2 GB Seagate EIDE hard disk, using the motherboard's built-in EIDE support.
   This is where I get nervous. I am aware of the weird issues
   with large hard disks, especially IDE.
   I know I should place the Linux kernel before the 1024th cylinder,
   but I'm probably gonna have to experiment with disk geometry, LILO, and
   the like.

4. Soundblaster 16 IDE/PnP.
   I've never configured this card under Linux.

5. Toshiba IDE 8x CD-ROM drive.

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