linux support for adaptec 1480A ultrascsi pcmcia card?

linux support for adaptec 1480A ultrascsi pcmcia card?

Post by Yash L. Kheman » Mon, 05 Jan 1998 04:00:00

hi folks,

has anyone gotten the adaptec 1480a ultrascsi pcmcia card
to work with linux?  this is in a toshiba tecra 740 cdt.



1. Toshiba 220CS Notebook + NE2000 PCMCIA-Card + Adataptec 1480A SlimSCSI Card = Problems

Hi Linux wizards,

Some years ago I bought a Toshiba 220CS portable as a local network
server. I now installed RedHat Linux 7.2 and have problems with the
PCMCIA (CardBus) slots. I use a no-name 10/100 Ethernet adapter
(probably 16bit) to connect the machine to the network, and an Adaptec
1480A SlimSCSI to connect it with an external SCSI box that hosts two
disks, a tape-drive and CDROM-changer.

Problem: I cannot enable both cards. If I set the card-mode in the BIOS
to "PICI Compatible" the network adapter works, but the SCSI adapter is
not recognized. If I set the mode to "CardBus 16bit" (the only other
setting) both adapters are recognized but the network adapter seems to
be dead.

I ran "cardctl status" to see what the Linux kernel thinks is attached
to the machine. In BIOS CardBus-mode the output is:
Socket 0: 5V 16Bit, function 0 [read][wp[bat dead]
Socket 1: 3.3V CardBus card, function 0 [ready]

In this scenario, in socket 0 I plugged the network adapter and into
socket 1 the Adaptec SlimSCSI adapter. Obviously the state "[bat dead]"
seems to denote a problem. This situation prevents me from setting up my
local network, so any help is greatly appreciated!!

Regards from germany,
A. Spindler

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