14.4k Modem under DOSEMU

14.4k Modem under DOSEMU

Post by James Ha » Thu, 16 Feb 1995 01:26:13

Hi there...

I recently installed Linux and everything is going fine.

Problem is, I run a DOS BBS, and would like to keep that going as much of the time as possible, and I figured the best way to do that would be using DOSEMU.

I got DOSEMU working fine, but all telecommunications inside DOSEMU slow down to approximately 2400 baud.  (even a true 14.4k connection slows down to this speed).  

I'm using a Zoom Telefonics 14.4k internal (one of the older ones).

Any/all helps would be greatly appreciated!




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First of all, if I connect to the local IBM bulletin board here at
14.4kb in Linux using minicom 1.15b it works ok (8N1 line). However
when I dial the U of T CS computer (7N1 w/MNP) I get nothing but
garbled lines, as if I did not set the 7N1 parameter.  I have done
everything, disabling MNP, etc and it has been unable to connect.
I have been able to connect on the school's 2400 baud line but obviously
I don't want 2400 baud if I can run at 9600.  The reason why
I want to do this is because I want to run term108 (works with my
old 2400 baud modem).  

BTW if anybody has any shell scripts that will dial the modem and
log onto a system without the use of minicom please post them.



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