Cyrix 6x86, motherboard, Linux...

Cyrix 6x86, motherboard, Linux...

Post by Adam Fritzl » Wed, 10 Apr 1996 04:00:00

There is a local retail shop selling a Cyrix 6x86-P150+ for $459 (!) with a
PCI motherboard.  I use Linux extensivly on my old i486DX-50, and I don't
think I could part with it.  Will Linux run on these new processors/
motherboards??? Would there be any [in]compatibility problems??? Would I need
to patch the kernel for them at all??? (Like the 5x86's did)

Adam Fritzler


1. Cyrix 6x86 and AMD/NexGen PCI Motherboard with Nx586

I'm in the market for a motherboard and CPU, and have been looking hard
at the Intel Pentium motherboard with P133 Processor, 3/4 PCI, 4 ISA,
ZIF, 4 EDO Slots, Flash AMI Bios, 2 Serial, 1 Parallel, E-IDE 4, 256/512
Write Back cache.  I plan on buying 32 MB of RAM, with RAM at $10.00 per
MB and all.  I want to be able to run Windows NT 4.0 and Linux 2.x, and
Sun's Solaris.  However I've been looking at these Cyrix and AMD
motherboard-processor combinations and would like an honest opinion
about the experiences that anyone has had on running software on these
machine and compatibility.  I would like to have information on the

1) Compatibility with the software:  Windows NT, Linux 2.x, Windows 95,
Solaris x86.
2) Relative speed with Pentium.  Please qualify which Pentium.
3) Does anyone know anything about the healt of AMD/NexGen and Cyrix?  I
don't want to purchase a motherboard from a company that's going to
abandon the market soon, or is not healthy.
4) Which is a better choice--the AMD/NexGen or the Cyrix 6x86?
5) Compatibility with various peripherals--SCSI, Ethernet, and video
adapters, etc.

Please respond by email.  I appreciate all responses.


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