Tape Drive QIC-117

Tape Drive QIC-117

Post by yuva » Thu, 08 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I have RedHat 5.1 and i'ld like to install a tape to
backup the system.
i heard this tape have problems.
Any recommandations ?

1. Linux read QIC-117 tapes in raw mode??

Does anyone know of anyone or any entity doing develoment on utilities in
Linux to read QIC-117 (Colorado Jumbo, Summit 250, etc.) tapes and dump the
blocks in raw BUT DECOMPRESSED format?  I have a couple of tapes where I have
the record of WHERE the data I want is stored, in actual blocks, but thanks to
my *wonderful* tape software writing crap to the tape directory, the files are
not readable under normal circumstances.  Come to find out, nobody on the

a file or whatever for later dissection and resurrection.

Anybody know is there's support in Linux for reading these types of tape
drives out without regard to tapedir?


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