PCI EIDE controllers supported under Linux ?

PCI EIDE controllers supported under Linux ?

Post by Alexandre Stouf » Tue, 18 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I am looking for a PCI EIDE controller supported by Linux.
If you use such a controller with more than 2 IDE devices,
please email me its brand and model, thank you.

I have first considered buying a DTC 2130D but it seems
that in order to use it with 3 or more IDE devices, one has
to boot DOS, run the DTC driver, and then warm boot Linux...

Thanks for any infos.

Alex Stouffs



1. Is there a good PCI EIDE controller supported by Linux?

        I am looking for a good PCI EIDE controller for use with Linux
(as well as other popular PC operating systems).  I am currently using
the CMD PCI EIDE controller, but feel that I am not getting maximal
performance.  What else is out there and for how much?  I don't need
anything with caching or whatever, just a plain well-supported, bug-free
PCI EIDE controller.

        I used a friend's machine with a slower CPU and slower disk and a
generic VLB EIDE controller and found his disk performance to be
noticeably better.

Thanks for the info!



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