ASUS ABN-VM CSM / Nvidia 6150 Nforce 430 Scoket 939 and Linux

ASUS ABN-VM CSM / Nvidia 6150 Nforce 430 Scoket 939 and Linux

Post by DC » Fri, 11 Nov 2005 18:29:03

Hi folks, I have been searching for a motherboard compatible with
linux. One of which is as mentioned.

I am not sure the full compatibility and as far as I know, the Nvidia
and Nforce chips have good support for Linux, anyone has the experience
of using the above motherboard and install the linux sucessfully ?

Thanks in advance.



ASUS ABN-VM CSM / Nvidia 6150 Nforce 430 Scoket 939 and Linux

Post by Sean Keene » Sat, 12 Nov 2005 01:50:20

They don't work in Linux - yet.

I bought one of these mobos. The drivers on the CD are a year old and
don't support the chipset. FC4 boots and installs fine, but has no
graphics support beyond vesa and neither the sound/network are

According to some nvidia staffer on nvnews the next release of the
linux drivers will support the chipset - this driver was due this week,
but this is looking increasingly unlikely.



ASUS ABN-VM CSM / Nvidia 6150 Nforce 430 Scoket 939 and Linux

Post by DC » Sat, 12 Nov 2005 10:37:30

Thanks Sean , the info is useful to me.

1. ASUS A8N-VM CSM: GeForce 6150/nForce 430 work with Fedora and latest nVidia drivers?


I *have* tried to log in on the nvidia forum first, but it hangs at the
registration page (using Firefox on Knoppix)...

I would really like to buy an ASUS A8N-VM CSM motherboard with
the GeForce 6150 + nForce 430 chipset, because it fits my HW
needs perfectly. However, I need to run Fedora Core and other
versions of Linux on it.

My question is if the latest binary drivers from nVidia, those
released just before Christmas, have been already confirmed to work
with Linux and that chipset combination.

Is anybody already running Linux on that motherboard or chipset? How does it
perform? Are you satisfied?

Which kernel version and/or specific distribution is required?

Which functions will be NOT available (DVI output, SATA II, whatever)?

Generally speaking, what should I do/check/install/configure
to use such a chipset under Linux? Any pointer is welcome, but
first of all I need to know if I can buy that motherboard or not.
It's perfect for my needs, but only if I *can* use everything it's on it.

Thanks in advance for any information,


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