Connection to The Internet

Connection to The Internet

Post by Anonim » Fri, 17 Dec 2004 00:13:28

Hi all,

I have installed Fedora Core 2 and use the KDE Desktop.
I have installed an analog 56k Modem.

I would really love to connect to the Internet with this Linux Box of mine.
I used the KDE program KPPPP but got an error message stating that
does not exist.

Could anybody tell me what need I do in order to successfully get connected
to the Internet?




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Good day,

I and my neighbour both have rogers wave cable connection to the internet.
We each have several computers and the two networks are connected via coxial
cable.  We have been able to access each other's cable connection, and the
natural question arised...... is it possible to connection to the internet
with both these connections like you connection two serial modems together?
We have talked about it and we've reached the conclusion that we probably
have to write our own code and to get the packets from both connections and
then merge it before they are recieved.  I am not too strong in network
theories and low level programming so it's best if there's stuff readily
available........any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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