RH6.0 XWindows problem

RH6.0 XWindows problem

Post by JAX » Tue, 01 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I have recently upgraded to RH6.0 from RH5.2. I have a Trident 3Dimage 975
AGP video card and an Acer acerview 54e monitor. With RH5.2 my video and
monitor was not listed in Xconfigurator but was able to get Xwindows to run
properly. Now with RH6 my video and monitor is listed in the Xconfigurator
but i am not able to get xwindows to run. It starts out normaly but right
when the Gnome foot comes up soon after vertical lines appear and my
machines locks up. I have tried every possible configuration that I know of
to get it running right but to no avail....... the same thing. Vertical
lines and lock up! I would rather not go back to RH5.2 just to have
Xwindows. But if I have to I will.

Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated in advance.



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You only need to install the the one that best matches your CPU. 586 is
pentium class, 686 is PII,III. SMP is for multi-processors. For
non-intel, and don't want to take chances, stick with the basic i386.
There won't be a whole lot of difference. Once you get comfortable with
your system, and know your way around a bit better, you can start
tweaking things like kernel optimization. The i386 will work for all
intels and x86s.

If you install this, use: 'rpm -ivv <kernel_package.rpm>'. DO NOT use
the 'U' for upgrade. This is an exception to the rule!!! If I remember
right, you must hand edit lilo.conf for the new kernel, and then run
'lilo -v'. There is a help file on this at www.redhat.com somewhere.
Search on 'kernel'.

PS -- The main reason for the kernel update was a possibility of a
Denial of Service exploit somewhere in something. If you are not running
a server connected to the web, you don't really have to have it. .02

If you are just talking about kernels, you only need one.

I don't know the difference with the pcmcia, but sounds like its for
laptops. There should be an installation guide somewhere. Stroll around
the CDs. It's probably in HTML so you can check it out with any browser
and OS. I'm sure this stuff is covered there somewhere. Again, the
complete installation guide is also on the redhat site (somewhere).

Hal B

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