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I just bought  and connected an EZ-Pointe touchpad to my
Linux/XWindows system.


  I've also sent a request to PC Concepts to see if I can get enough
info from
them to write a utility to access any extended functions that may be

  Is anyone else working on anything similar?


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1. Patritioning WD 8.4 GB drive and Linux and EZ-Drive/EZ-Bios


I just installed a Western Digital 8.4 GB drive on my Micron machine
with a Micronics M54Hi motherboard as the second drive.  This has the
PhoenixBIOS 4.04 which cannot support disks larger than 7.8 GB.  There
is a BIOS (v5.05) upgrade available from Micro Firmware but for $79!  I
installed the WD EZ-Drive software and it partitioned the drive in 4
with about 2.1 GB per partition.  I can see these partitions OK in Win95
(though I do have a spurious E: drive that cannot be accessed).

In Linux (RedHat 4.1 - yes, part of the reason of getting the new drive
was to upgrade to RH5.2), fdisk sees only the first partition of the hard
drive (as /dev/hdb1 with about 2.1GB) with the rest of the drive seen as one
partition with unknown type.  If I use linux fdisk to partition the disk
in what I _think_ is the same partitions as EZ-Drive used then Win95 sees
the first partition but cannot read the other three.  Repartitioning the
drive with EZ-Drive causes the original problem (i.e. can only see the two
partitions in Linux).  

I know Western Digital claims that EZ-Drive does not support Unix but
the Large Disk mini-HOWTO claims that Linux will work with EZ-Drive.  I
seem to be almost there.  Has anyone got this working or have any

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Leslie Groer

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