help: lost CMOS/lost modem

help: lost CMOS/lost modem

Post by Don Linds » Wed, 12 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I got a boot message about "checksum error in CMOS, reverting to
defaults". Thrilling.

The defaults weren't so hot (no hard disk) but I have now got
everything back on the air.

Except the modem. My usual DIP script gets an error. Running DIP
interactively, I can open /dev/modem fine, and "reset" produces
a clunk from the modem's relay. But, then,
        >>send ATLO\r
        >>wait OK 4
        DIP: tty: getc: I/O error.

with $errlvl of -1. I ran WinFaxLite under Windows 3.1, and it gave
essentially the same result -
        "initializing modem", clunk, "dialling...", hangs/nothing happens.

If I have the COM ports wrong, how did the software find the relay?

(This is a 2-year-old Xenon PC with PCI,IDE,cdrom,QIC-80 tape,14.4 modem.
It has Award Modular BIOS 4.50. Tape,cdrom,mouse and keyboard are working.)

Thanks for any help!

Don    D.C.Lindsay