Multiport serial boards: Specialix not supported by Linux....

Multiport serial boards: Specialix not supported by Linux....

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I hope to help you posting this article, saving you a lot of time..really!!!
I have bought a Specialix SI/XIO -Host to use it with modem for incoming
calls through ppp.
The Hardware howto tells that this Multiport serial board is supported by
Linux and you have to use the sidrv0.5.8 written by Simon Allen...
.well after thousand of tries i'm sorry to tell you that it doesn't work..
The real problem is this:
If a process is started by someone on a dev of the Specialix (I tried with
.this process does NOT kill itself after the connection is terminated..
this is because the process can't received the SIGHUP signal!!!
this lack (I think..) comes from the driver...I tried to modify it(there are
I hope that someone(..maybe Simon Allen?)..will try to make a better driver
saving to people time and MONEY!!!

        Davide Carnevali


P.S. Until the driver is not ready (and TESTED!), i think it is better
to remove the Specialx as a supported Multiport serial board from
the Linux Howto and other documenatation.

If someone knows that i'm failing..please TELLE ME!


1. high speed serial boards (was Re: Multiport serial boards)

I am interested to hear more info on the Ethernet based terminal servers
mentioned above for the low entry models.

In fact I have the following situation: one linux box used to link via
SLIP serial connections and LEASED lines my LAN with two other LAN'S
(at both other ends of the lines there are linux boxes). The connections
use two pairs of Penril modems (for leased lines) and some home made
scripts (usual slattach, ifconfig and route stuff). All three serial ports
on the main linux box are now used.
Now all three linux boxes serial boards don't support more than 9600 bps
while the modems support 28,8 kbps and I would like to rise the speed
of the serial lines.

For the moment I don't have a good idea how to do it. Indeed using
terminal servers could turn to be not only expensive but also could lead
to some routing problems. On the other hand using high speed serial boards
could lead to problems concerning the special drivers and the fact that
here I don't seek the usual "logging (dialing) into a linux box process" but
connecting LAN's 24 hours per day with a resonable automatized mechanism
of recovery in case of failure.

If someone can help me with these problems, please reply also to:

Thank you.
Nicolae Mihalache

Institut de Mathematiques de Jussieu

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