How do I contact the XFree team?

How do I contact the XFree team?

Post by Robert Bak » Fri, 23 Jun 1995 04:00:00


I represent Hercules Computer Technology, Inc. We manufacture Windows
Accelerator Cards. I would like to know how to be put in touch with XFree
server developers. If you have this type of information, please respond to:

Thanks in advance,

bob baker


1. MATROX XFree Team - Did they make their date???

Hello all
        I, like many, am waiting for the XFree matrox drivers.  Using
X for 10 minutes at a time is really starting to annoy me.   I went to
the developers page - which has not been updated since 9/17, and read
that they needed to ship code by 9/30 to have it included in the next
release of XFree.  Does anyone know if they made the deadline?

Darren Carpenter

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