Wanted - disk image to tape backup s/w

Wanted - disk image to tape backup s/w

Post by Kenneth J. Hendricks » Tue, 24 Oct 1995 04:00:00

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Quote:>I'm thinking of buying a tape backup for my pc.

>The unit I'm looking at is the Colorado T1000 (now owned by HP).

I strongly recommend one of the Travan-3 tape drives, such as the
Iomega Ditto 3200 or the Conner CTT3200.  For only $100 more initially,
you get a tape drive capable of 1.6 GB/tape, rather than a mere
400 MB/tape.  This is really worth it.

Quote:>I supposed another route I might go is with a Zip drive

Tape will be far cheaper in the long run.

The Iomega Ditto 3200 works with ftape 2.03b in linux, if you have a
1 Mb/sec fast floppy controller.  These are the controllers that can
support a 2.88 MB floppy drive.  The Promise 2300+ is one example.
ftape does not yet support 2 Mb/sec controllers.  If you'll get me the
complete low-level documentation on the NEC i82078 controller chip I'll
upgrade ftape.

A note about Iomega:

I *STRONGLY* recommend against the purchase of any Iomega product.  I
have tried to obtain information from Iomega on the 3200 tape drive for
months, and they have ignored my requests.  I've sent these requests via
email, snail-mail, and phone.  Iomega customer service *sucks*.  SAVE

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Wanted - disk image to tape backup s/w

Post by Juergen Exn » Wed, 25 Oct 1995 04:00:00

->   I'm thinking of buying a tape backup for my pc.  While I know I can get
->   support for the filesystems my various operating systems use, I would
->   also like to be able to do a raw disk image backup/recovery.
->   I don't really care which OS I run it from but if I have a choice I
->   suppose my order of preference would be Linux, OS/2, Win95, Dos/Win.

A raw copy is trivial with linux. Just do a
"dd if=<partition-or-drive-to-be-backed-up> of=/dev/rmt0"
To restore just exchange "if" and "of".

->   The unit I'm looking at is the Colorado T1000 (now owned by HP).
->   I supposed another route I might go is with a Zip drive, but the same
->   question would still apply (i.e. can I do raw disk i/o and bypass the
->   various filesystems).

Use dd (an acronym for disk direct), more details in the man-page

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