ide-scsi and ls-120 drive.

ide-scsi and ls-120 drive.

Post by Michael Salomo » Wed, 25 Apr 2001 18:30:44

Hi - i have come across a niggling little problem.

on ide0 are 2 hard-drives, and on ide1 is an ls120 ( master ) and smasung sm308b dvd/cd-rw combo (slave)

i have got cd writing working using the ide-scsi emulation.
I have set up the ls120 to be a scsi ( emulated ) device, but it can only mount disks ( 120M and 1.44M ) readonly, and the software
eject no longer works. ( all worked fine as ide-floppy ).

what am i missing ?

kernel version 2.2.18 - slackware7.0.

IIRC when the ls120 was introduced the only way to use it under linux ( cannot remember which kernel) was under scsi emulation.




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On a related note, and probably a FAQ:

my laptop only has an LS-120 drive. How can I make a boot disk?
mkbootdisk doesn't work, since it lives at /dev/hdc not a /dev/fd*



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