anyone try the 11.5G HD from Maxtor?

anyone try the 11.5G HD from Maxtor?

Post by Phil Howa » Sun, 19 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone tried the 11.5gig harddrive from Maxtor?

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1. partition help for 11.5G please

Scenario: Win95 osr2.1, 8.4G boot drive, 11.5G secondary, trying to get
S.U.S.E Linux 5.2 up.

For Linux I want to boot from floppy to my secondary drive which is a maxtor
11.5.  It is currently formatted as an extended patition with fat32, 1 drive
letter G:.  (it's used for video, so I like to keep it easy)

I want about 700mb for Linux, 128mb for Linux swap, and the rest as 1 fat32
drive.  Is this possible?  I thought I had it roughly like this, but when
running win95, explorer would hang when opening.

Thanks for any and all suggestions.  (but please don't suggest trashing
Win95, I KNOW it sucks, ok!)


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