Linux install on HP Pavilioin zt1130 problems.

Linux install on HP Pavilioin zt1130 problems.

Post by Roy Southe » Thu, 24 Jan 2002 06:03:35

I had problems installing Linux on my new HP Pavilion zt1130.
I solved the problem so I thought I should post the work around so others
can do this if they have the same problem.

HP Pavilion zt1130.
256 MB RAM

After installing the system fails to boot, files are corrupted, partition
sizes have been changed, partitions are corrupted. Kernel panic, system
fail, missing OS, FUBAR!

What is happening is after the install is done and the system reboots the
HP BIOS writes a few bytes to the front of the hard drive. Not a lot, just
enough to*with your partition information.

Work around. If you are doing a dual boot install Linux first. Beginning
the Linux install use your disk partition utility during the Linux install
to create your first partion, but do not put it at the front of the drive.
Begin your first partion at 1023 sectors, this should be enough room for
the BIOS and let windoze boot if you do dual boot. If you are doing a
dual boot make the first partion fat 32. Make the rest of the Linux
partions as you would like them. Then you finish your Linux install. If
dual boot install your windoze. After installing windoze it has wrecked
your LILO so you need to boot with a Linux floppy or CD to fix that. My
system does not have a floppy drive so after installing windoze I had to
boot with my Linux CD. I used Mandrake 8.1 and there is a rescue boot
option. After Linux and LILO where fixed and worked fine it was time to go
back to windows. The windoze partition did not boot so I had to use the
windoze boot CD and sys. I booted with the windoze CD and did this.
a:>C:\windoze\command\sys c:
That fixed the windoze boot and did not wreck the LILO. Now my laptop works
great, dual boot with Linux and 98. NO XP crap! Flusssssh goes the XP.

One more thing the XP recovery CD that come with the laptop do not work,
they boot up and say that I have the wrong notebook. I contacted HP and
they told me that the CD where the write ones. What a joke!


Things that use XP...

Do you see a pattern here?


1. No more HP Pavilion ZT1130

I took the HP Pavilion ZT1130 back. The place I got it from has a 14 day
return policy, like many do. So on day 13 it was out of my office and glad
to see it go. I will not be getting any more HP laptops for a long, long
time. Could not get sound card, modem, or APM to work at all. Could not get
the video card to work properly, it would only work in Frame Buffer X 3.3.6
mode. It would not run Win98 properly, video driver problems. Basicly it
was a WinXP only computer, I can not live with those restrictions.

I contacted BSI Computer at and ordered a NP8560
kick'n' laptop.
15" Display with 1400x1050 resolution (real, not virtual)
ATI 16 MB video card (shared memory)
512 MB RAM
Intel PIII, 1 GHz
10/100 BaseT NIC, 56k V90 USR modem, Sound Blaster sound
Linux installed and guaranteed to work with sound, modem and video.
$1600 and some US. They will install Linux on it for me and test every
thing before I have to pay for it.

They will custom build it, test it and then call me if there was any
problems. The have 1-800 phone number (HP canceled their 1-800 support)

I am very excited about it. I will post again when I get it and know how
well I like it.

Windoze xp, same old crap, shinny new box.

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