RH7.3 and Compaq Prosignia 500

RH7.3 and Compaq Prosignia 500

Post by Pero » Wed, 11 Feb 2004 20:33:40

Can someone please help me with installation of Redat 7.3 on older Compaq
Prosignia 500 with original Smart Array Controler. I have tried almost
everything from http://www.geocities.com/rlcomp_1999/smartstart.html and
from http://www.cpqlinux.com, but as Linux newbie I didnt came very far.

Closest I came with following:

On warning that no hard drives have been found:

        The following devices have been found:
        Symbios/NCR 53C8xx
        AMD PCnet32

Add device

 I select:

        Compaq Smart/2 RAID Controller (cpqarray) or Compaq Smart Array 5xxx
Controller (cciss)

with module parameters eisa=0x1000 or without parameters result is the same:

        alt+F3 : failed to insert /tmp/cpqarray.o or cciss.o

and this is it. I stuck at this point and I really dont know what else to
Thanks in advance.



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Does anyone have any experiences running Linux on a Compaq
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Vincent Shan, Systems Analyst

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