Upgrade Video Driver on RedHat7.2-Please help!

Upgrade Video Driver on RedHat7.2-Please help!

Post by news.oit.umass.ed » Fri, 16 Nov 2001 04:44:25

Hello everyone!
I have linux-RedHat 7.2 installed in my LapTop on the dev/hda5. Everything
seems like working well. but when I log in and using the X-Windows(GNOME),
the screen parted in 4 parts, and leave big black screen in the middle. I
noticed there something wrong with the configuration of the video driver.
My lap has Chip SIS630, I went to the site www.sis.com and get the driver
for linux. However I don't know how to install the driver from the Floppy
disk. so would anyone give me direction or any reference to help me. the
driver is in .rpm, or .tgz format. This is my first time of trying linux.
thanks everyone in advance!

1. Help creating video card driver please.

Hi All,

        I have a copy of the Media Vision technical reference guide for
the Pro Graphics 1280 video card describing register contents, port
location, register adresses and other important data describing the
programming of the card (a little hold over from my "non-disclosure"
days). I also have one of these cards. Media Vision no longer supports
this card, so I'm stuck with a $750.00 dinasuar. I've tried to sell it
without much luck. So, now I'm looking for someone to either help me
write a driver or point me towards the information to "roll my own." As
I am not very adept in low level code writing, I'll need a little
hand-holding. Anyone out there up to the challange?

Mark Harper  

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