Plextor PX-20TSi

Plextor PX-20TSi

Post by Chuc » Wed, 23 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Howdy -
    I've been banging my head against a wall for over a week now,
so if anyone knows of my problem, please help me.

My problem is either with the CD-ROM drive or the Sound Card,
possibly both.  The CD-ROM is a Plextor PX-20TSi, the sound
card is an onboard Sound Blaster 16 something or other. Short
explanation - trying to play a CD results in system hang up.

Long explanation: The CD-ROM is an internal, narrow, fast SCSI.
The SCSI board is a BUS Logic something. I've played with the
SCSI-ID settings and it doesn't help. I've removed all other SCSI
devices and jumpered the CD-ROM termination pins. I've recompiled
my kernel with every conceivable combination of SCSI & Sound
settings. I've compiled with no sound card options, and tried to play
CDs through the speaker port on the front of the CD-ROM.
(This works in various other Linux machines that I have running
in which for one reason or another I have no sound card active.)

In _all_ of the above situations, the following happens. When I try to
play a CD, the X-GUI (whichever I choose, they all crash the same)
will appear, and sometimes even identify the CD that is in the drive.
(ie. GWAR - 'Live from Antarctica') The clock will start ticking, but
I will hear no sound. When the clock gets to between 1 and 6 seconds,
depending on the weather outside, the system will hang.

I can mount the CD-ROM drive if a data CD is in, and at least list
the CD directory. I'm not sure if the system would hang or not if
I did enough I/O with the CD-ROM.

Anyway: ideas? recommendations? websites?

Desperately - Chuck