SunOS Magneto Optical disks under Linux

SunOS Magneto Optical disks under Linux

Post by Dr. Matthew Clemen » Tue, 15 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

I have some 5.25" Magneto optical disks which were created on a sun
workstation such that they could be mounted as fixed disks.

Assuming that I have the appropriate SCSI interface and drive for the
disks, will I be able to mount and read them under Linux ?

All help greatfully received


Dr. Matthew Clemence

Lecturer, School of Physics
University of Exeter


1. Problems installing SONY Magneto-Optical Disk ( SunOS 5.4 )

Dear fellow netters,

we are experiencing severe difficulties installing a SONY
Magneto-Optical Disk (MOD) on a SparcStation20 running SunOs 5.4.

The MOD is found by "probe-scsi" reporting the correct SCSI Id ( 2 )
and the messages

        SONY SMO-F521-01 REV 2.04

However, after boot -r (or % touch /reconfigure; reboot) no entries
are created in the /dev/dsk and /dev/rdsk directories.
During booting the device is not found (for fixed disks we get
messages like:

 sd3 at esp0: target 3 lun 0

  <SUN1.05 cyl 2036 alt 2 hd 14 sec 72>


According to the hardware provider, the "driver delivered with
Solaris2.4 is capable of dealing with this drive". We already
installed the "sd" driver for dealing with the fixed disk drives.

scsiinfo DOES NOT report the device.

We are quite sure, that the disk is not damaged, since it does work on a PC.

What did we do wrong ?

Torsten Ihle, Dipl. Inf., TU-Dresden

Es ist deutsch in Kaltland !

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