<font color="blue"><B>modemblaster</B></font>

<font color="blue"><B>modemblaster</B></font>

Post by mroccell » Tue, 07 Sep 1999 04:00:00

The ModemBlaster Flash 56K II, Model DES5620 states that it
has a controller right on the box. So far, mine has been
working pretty well.

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1. <font color="blue"><B>kmail</B></font> question

Try this:
Open Kmail's File > Settings > menu.
Click on "Network" tab.
Verify you have created a pop account in the bottom
window of the Network tab page.
If you have not, do it.
If you have, continue with these directions.
Click on your existing pop account in the bottom
window of Network tab.
Click on "Modify."
Note the four selection tabs? There are two which will
solve your problem.
If you click "remove mail from server" it will do so, and
thus there will be no more messages downloaded to you except
for new ones.
OR---> my preferred method, unclick remove messages and
UNclick (that is UNcheck, or UNselect) the "retrieve all
mail from server" tab.
That oughta do it! Let me know if it doesn't. (Note spam-
protected email address.)

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