Gateway 2000 P5 166 & Linux

Gateway 2000 P5 166 & Linux

Post by Arif Rajwan » Sat, 01 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Does anybody out there have a Gateway 2000 P5 166 and set up Linux
sucessfully.  If so, I need help.
Arif Rajwani


1. Linux Server on a Gateway 2000 w/P5-166??

I run linux on my Gateway 2000 Solo laptop with no problems whatsoever.  I
would guess that your machine should run linux very smoothly.  The only
place you might get into danger is with windoze-specific peripherals
(modem, printer, etc.) if you have any.  

I wish my office would let me set up a linux server here!  We are strictly
NT. Ugh.


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