SCSI cdrom speed select

SCSI cdrom speed select

Post by Otto Myy » Mon, 07 Sep 1998 04:00:00

 I have a Plextor 32x scsi-cdrom. My problem is that if I try to read
 constant dataflow from the disk, it doesn't want to use a constant speed.
 It spins up to 32x, then reads big chunk of data, spins back to 8x to
 rest for a moment, then buffer runs empty, ->32x->8x->32x->8x ad infinitum.

 The constant spin-up/spin-down/spin-up sound is the most irritating
 one I've heard in a LONG time.

 Is there a way to tell a scsi cd-rom to stay at 8x speed?
 Quick browsing through kernel source revealed such option for IDE
 cd-rom only.


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1. reducing rotational speed for SCSI-CDROM

Hi !

I'd like to reduce the rotational speed of my Pionner
SCSI-CDROM (DRU-06S). There seems to be no SCSI-command
in the standard SCSI-commandset for CDROMs. But I think
modern drives schould be able to do it. Of course I wasn't
 able to find the vendor-spcific-commands at Pioneer's

Any hints ?




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