IntelliMouse support

IntelliMouse support

Post by David Golshevsk » Sun, 20 Jul 1997 04:00:00


        Does anyone know if there is a way of getting one of the new MS
IntelliMouses to work with linux?




1. intellimouse support? what do i need?

okay, i haven't seen nor could i find anything concerning the
intellimouse under linux (the one with the silly scrolling roller
on top)... has anyone got the roller to work under linux?  if so,
how?  i myself can do without it, but the wife thinks it's "neat"...



Microsoft is living proof that sales talent is vastly more useful in a
capitalist society than intelligence. A person with an IQ of 1,000 could
die destitute, but a cretin with sales talent can become a billionaire.

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