ASUS motherboard and PCnet ethernet card problem

ASUS motherboard and PCnet ethernet card problem

Post by Laszlo Liszka » Sat, 17 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I tried to install an AMD PCnet-based PCI ethernet adapter (HT-2100PCI) on an ASUS PVI-486SP3 (ver.
1.2) motherboard with Award BIOS (ver. 2.03). The adapter works fine with other motherboards and
the motherboard works well with an SMC ISA ethernet card. When I start Linux, the kernel correctly
identifies the board (IOaddress=0xe800 ???, IRQ=10) but the system freezes when loading one of the
daemons (not always the same). I could not start Windows for Workgroups either, so the problem is
probably not kernel-specific. I even tried to upgrade the BIOS, but the result was the same. As the
card is a PCI one, one can not set the parameters by hand. I tried to change various BIOS settings,
without success. Any suggestion? (According to the appropriate FAQ the card should work well with

Laszlo Liszkay


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I really need help to setup OpenLinux 1.1 from Caldera.
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detect at all.
My machine is Compaq Deskpro 5133 and the network card is built in.

My previous machine with ne2000 clone works prefect fine with my network
and it is running RedHat 5.0.

Need some pointer so I can setup OpenLinux as a webserver using Netscape

Thanks in advance.


p.s. I know all the basic ip address , DNS , named and etc... for the
network software part but not the hardware device driver and setup.

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