PS2 Mouse Problem In Quake but not X

PS2 Mouse Problem In Quake but not X

Post by Vic Evan » Sun, 18 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I'm a complete Linux-newbee and I can't figure out how to get the mouse
to work properly in Quake I for Linux.  

It is a PS2 Logitech 3 button MouseMan mouse that works fine in X or KDE
but when I start Quake, it does not function correctly.

The left-right movements in Quake are very quick and far too extreme.   I
tried to customize the controls to change the Quake controls as I have
done in the DOS version but it would not map the mouse keys and lowering
the sensitivity did not work.  Quake did did not recognize the mouse
clicks when I clicked them in the Quake control setup.  I wanted to
reassign the forward movement to the right mouse button and attack to the
left mouse button.  

I'm running RedHat 6.0 on an AMD K6-2 300mhz on an Asus P5-AB motherboard
with Quake I.

I'll be very pleased if anyone will help me.  Many thanks.

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