Canon BJC 2000SP Printer Driver

Canon BJC 2000SP Printer Driver

Post by Yohanes Andi Santos » Thu, 03 May 2001 18:09:04

Does anyone know where can I get driver for my printer.
My printer is Canon BJC 2000SP and I am using red hat 7.0.
I know that redhat 7.1 have the printer driver that i need, how can I
upgrade only the printer configuration utilities from red hat 7.1 to red hat


Andi Santoso Lim


1. portable Canon BJC-70, BJC-50,BJC-80 printers

I'm looking for a portable printer (i.e. small for notebook) that I can
use off of Linux.  I was about to get the HP 340 which apparently
is supported by some Ghostscript driver, when I found out that
the Canon printers are even smaller and the BJC-70 is supported
by Ghostscript as well.  However, it looks like the latest portable
printers from Canon are the BJC-50 and the BJC-80.  Does anyone know
if these printers can be made to work on Linux as well?

I looked at the printer page
but that page is almost 3 months old and it's no wonder that these
new printers don't appear.


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