FC-20 with Jumbo 250

FC-20 with Jumbo 250

Post by Paul Tayl » Tue, 16 May 1995 04:00:00

I've got a Jumbo 250* off the floppy controller and everything
is fine but I was thinking about using an FC-20 instead. Has anyone
tried both methods and if so are there any performance gains or problems?




1. Linux 1.2.11/FC-20/Jumbo 250/Ftape=Screw

I'm trying to get a Colorado 250 up and working with FTAPE under 1.2.11 -
the problem is thus:

I follow all the directions and everything seems to work fine, however when
I do an lsmod, I get a message telling me the are 47 pages and ftape is
loaded but it is used by "uninitialized".  Also when the module is loaded
it tells me at the end, "segmentation fault".

I've tried compiling again and again, with different configs to no avail..

(oh its Ftape 2.03b - although I also tried Ftape 2.02)

Any help? Please!


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