Infrared transceivers?

Infrared transceivers?

Post by Adrian Blake » Sun, 08 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I want to talk to my Newton from Linux. But where can I get a little
infrared deveice to plug into to the serial/parallel port? Anyone know?
Adrian Blakey
Principal Consultant
Object Focus Inc.


1. What does eth0 warning no MII transceiver mean?

It sounds like you may have a card with attachments for both
Rj-45 and AUI. You may need to obtain a diagnostic disk to
switch from AUI to RJ-45. Most modern cards have autodetection
routines to detect link state. Since you are using a driver
which shows 100-m capabilities, I would expect it to be auto-
detecting, but I have no real experience with SMC network

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