Help Redhat 5.1 Backpack CDROM

Help Redhat 5.1 Backpack CDROM

Post by Grant Guenth » Wed, 22 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Quote:>I am a LINUX neophyte, and I am attempting to install Redhat 5.1 on to my NEC
>Versa 2000c laptop from a Microsolutions Backpack Parallel Port CD-ROM (Model

>The CD-ROM is listed under 'other' CD-ROM drives as though it is supported,
>but when I try autoprobe the install says it can't find the drive, when I try
>manually, specifying driver parameters (parallel port address as '0x378'),
>the install hangs.

>What am I missing?  Can Redhat 5.1 be installed from a parallel port CD-ROM?

Yes, but support for the backpack has been evolving over the last couple
of years.  The 163550 is an older model - which was not originally supported
but is now supported in the most recent Linux drivers.  Unfortunately,
RedHat's boot disk does not have the current driver on it.   The first
thing for you to do is to get

That's a boot disk for 5.0.  It has the latest driver on it.  Please
make a floppy from it and boot it with your backpack attached and the
5.1 CD in the drive.  You probably won't be able to finish the installation
with that disk, but it will confirm whether your drive is going to work
if we make a real 5.1 boot disk.

When asked for parameters, just enter


Then check the <ALT-F4> screen for the autoprobe messages ...

Please contact me directly to continue this discussion.




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