Anybody using DPT 2144UW SCSI-board?

Anybody using DPT 2144UW SCSI-board?

Post by marce.. » Sat, 06 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Quote:>Hi there!

>I was wondering, has anybody any experiences on DPT PM2144UW or PM2044UW
>SCSI-board with Linux? I was going to get BusLogic BT-958 but my supplier
>has not been able to find one :( So I must look for some other board...


 I am using the 2144UW and it works as it should. I haven't tried the
RAID feature yet, as I still haven't got the RAID/Cache board.



1. Which is better: DPT 2144UW or the BusLogic 958?

Time to buy a new motherboard... Which means I need a new SCSI
controller since my last one was built into the board.  grrr.

Up until now I've only had Adaptec controllers but I've had problems
getting maximum performance from the Adaptec controllers because of the
device driver.  So I wanted to switch to something that provides better
performance and possibly better supported device drivers for linux.

I'm looking for a high performance Ultra/Wide controller.
The list of available controllers looks to be:
  Mylex (BusLogic) 958
  DPT PM2144UW

I'm leaning towards the Mylex controller or the DPT board (though the
DPT is rather expensive at $430.00.  Is there a big difference between
the PM2044UW and the PM2144UW that makes it cost effective?).

My main concerns are Performance followed by Driver Support and lastly
cost (well for less than $500.00).

Basically, given the above contraints, what would be your suggestions as
to which SCSI controller would provide the best performance?  The DPT
looks nice for its upgradeability but I haven't heard anything bad about
the Buslogic controller either.

There should be some sort of SCSI benchmark page comparing the different
controllers available.  It would make this decision a lot easier.

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions on this subject,

- Jeff Wiegley

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