1GB Hard-drive doesn't work with LILO

1GB Hard-drive doesn't work with LILO

Post by Daryl Meerker » Tue, 24 Oct 1995 04:00:00


Is there any way LILO can access above 1024 cylinders on a 1GB IDE hard-drive
without remapping my hard-drive to a lesser # of cylinders.

I have included the commands:

HD=real disk geometry
LINEAR                          in my lilo.conf !!

My BIOS/CMOS and LINUX are all agreed on the real disk geometry.  My BIOS is set up
to use LBA.  The only program objecting is LILO.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


1. LILO doesn't like my 10G hard drive

I'm a semi-newbie to RedHat Linux - I installed it once a couple of
years ago, back when my hard drive was too small to matter.  I tried
again a few days ago with RedHat 6.2 Linux.  This time it was going
onto a 10G drive, which is the slave drive on the first IDE cable (the
master drive is for Win95 - this'll be a dual boot system).
The machine itself is a circa-1996 Gateway P-166.

After reading the Large Hard Drive HOWTO, but before installing Linux,
I went into my BIOS and disabled the auto-HDD-recognition feature of my
BIOS for the 10G drive.  When I installed Linux, it correctly
identified the geometry and size of the 10G drive and installed without
a hitch.

Problem is, when the computer starts, it beeps, and starts
displaying "01 01 01 01 01 01 01..." non-stop.  The only way I can
successfully boot is off the Linux boot disk RedHat prompted me to make
during the installation process.  (to boot into Windows, I had to

I read that there was a newer version of LILO than what came with
RedHat 6.2, so I downloaded, compiled, and installed it.  I added the
directive "lba32" to my /etc/lilo.conf file.  (as suggested by
http://www.deja.com/threadmsg_ct.xp?AN=610248036)  However, that seemed
to make no difference.

In fact, the only variation I've gotten is if I go back to my bios and
re-enable the auto-HDD-detection for the 10G drive.  When I restart the
computer, I get simply "LI", with nothing else.

Is my computer/BIOS too old to handle a drive this size?  What are my
options (well, other than get a newer machine, and preferably other
than continue to boot off the floppy, though that DOES work...)

Thanks to anyone who can point me the right direction!

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