?? Linux and booting from SSD or ROM ??

?? Linux and booting from SSD or ROM ??

Post by Ekkehard Hoffma » Sat, 26 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I am searching information about using a Linux PC without any real disk drive
(floppy or hard).
The computer should be booting from a ROM or a SSD (solid state disk).
It will not be connected to a NFS server so booting from the net is also

Has anybody got any experiences about booting a Linux machine from ROM or SSD?

Please answer also by email, I will summarize and post the answers.

Thanx, Eccy
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1. Does Linux support PC104 based systems with SSD disks?

The subject says it all.
I am working on a project for a BIG company and I want to persuade them to use
Linux instead of DOS for their PC104 embedded system if that is possible. The
hardware now has a 486 processor, 32 Mb RAM and a 32 Mb flash (SSD) disk. It
presently run DOS (so most of that RAM is wasted...)

Any information would be very helpful!

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